Production Planning and Scheduling Module

Production Planning and Scheduling (PPS)

PlumERP Production Planning and Scheduling System keeps your manufacturing operations performing at peak efficiency – and helps you gain the flexibility you need to quickly adapt to market changes.

Production Planning and Scheduling Module (PPS)

Effective production planning and scheduling is vital to the success of every manufacturing business. Regardless of your industry, finding the best way to purchase, allocate and utilize your production resources to efficiently satisfy your customers while minimizing costs is a constant challenge. But, without the right production planning and scheduling solution, it is near impossible. Take advantage of manufacturing operations software solutions that integrate data systems with shop-floor activities. Improve customer service, cut costs, and manage compliance and operational performance by unifying operations.

A Single, Integrated System:  Plum’s Production Planning and Scheduling System provides the direct connection between business operations and shop floor systems. It helps ensure that all data that affects manufacturing is visible in real time, from a single source – including information about orders, materials, equipment status, costs, and product quality.
Improve Productivity and Reduce Waste: Plum’s Production Planning and Scheduling System can help you avoid common problems such as high inventory levels, poor customer delivery times, low yield, high scrap and inefficient usage of capacity and production capabilities. With solutions for all planning levels, we can help you optimize your entire production planning and scheduling process.
Quick and Easy Scheduling:Scheduling is key to efficient operations. With Plum’s Production Planning and Scheduling System, you can identify bottlenecks and react in real-time to unexpected production problems. You’ll know what job to run next, when to promise the customer’s order, and what machines can get it done the fastest
Planning it Right: Every successful on-time delivery begins with organized planning. This ensures everything runs like clockwork. With Plum’s Production Planning and Scheduling System, you can optimize production capabilities while achieving realistic delivery dates to keep customer satisfaction humming right along.

Key Features

Product Specification
Bill of Material
Process and Routing Definitions
Manufacturing Strategies
Inventory Management
Plant Maintenance
Tooling and Tool Planning
Machine and Man Power Requirement

Key Benefits

  • Improve on-time delivery with optimized manufacturing capacity
  • Accurately track and manage complex work-in-progress scenarios
  • Improve quality and reduce variation through corrective-action processes
  • Access real-time manufacturing data to make fast, informed decisions
  • Sync internal production operations with customer demand
  • Track material and products across the value chain
Testimonial Logo

“For a large engineering unit like Bharat Dynamics Limited, Speed of implementation and a no-flaws approach to technology deployment is crucial. The capabilities of PlumSoft’s ERP product and the speed with which the solution was provided by the Plum ERP team to meet our functional and technical requirements was impressive. They were understanding, quick, efficient, and they always standby for anytime support. Best wishes to you in your future endeavors. "

Vinod Kumar, Director Finance
Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL)