Plum Analytics

Plum Analytics delivers operational, tactical, and strategic intelligence in real-time from a single system of record negating the need for a complex, expensive data warehouse. Plum Analytics is included in all PlumSoft software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering at no charge, delivering powerful business analysis that is easy enough for any executive, line-level manager or individual user to leverage.

Key Features

One System — Built-in Business Intelligence
Powerful Business Intelligence

Key Benefits

  • Real time, actionable business intelligence out of the box
  • Consolidated, rationalized data without the data warehouse
  • Smarter decisions faster with intelligence you can trust
  • Standard and custom-built intelligence tools for every level of need
  • Business intelligence that’s usable and manageable by mere mortals
Testimonial Logo

“It’s rare to find companies that put themselves in the lead, for their clients. I’d like to thank PlumSoft for the effort and dedication that your team has put in to ensure timely implementation of the PlumERP system for our five group companies of JRG group. The team at plumsoft has been able to overcome many technical and functional difficulties at amazing speed, and make the ERP functional in a very short period of time — all of that when time really means money for us.

Putting where their heart is, PlumSoft’s Plumsoft framework gives them leverage over other similar solutions when it comes to the speed of execution.”

Manu Avinash G, Sr. Manager
Business Initiatives and Projects, JRG Securities Ltd.