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Plum ERP is one comprehensive solution for all your business needs – CRM, HCM, Procure-to-pay and a lot more. Read more on what this solution holds for you.


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small upfront investment into Software / Hardware

A fresh alternative to the traditional legacy ERP systems, our cloud-based Plum ERP solution delivered as a SaaS application is a revolutionary solution for all your business needs.
Traditional legacy ERP and Enterprise Applications were not built for today’s dynamic business environment. They rely on a static and aging data model that was developed more than ten years ago. They are rigid, inflexible, and built with yesterday’s technology. Customers are forced to make large upfront investments for software, hardware, middleware, database and professional services, and then suffer through elongated implementations and complex, costly upgrades.
PlumERP eliminates all the hassles and headaches involved in traditional legacy ERP systems, by enabling on-demand business solutions delivered as SaaS solutions in the cloud.

1.Real, enterprise-class cloud applications built for global enterprise
2.Drives decision making with embedded real-time analytics and personalized dashboards
3.Improves accountability and compliance with strong traceability
4.Reduces IT costs, does not require any IT staff, installation or expensive servers
5.Elevates productivity with anytime, anywhere access
6.Modern and adaptive technology foundation built on flexible LAMP architecture

Comes complete


PlumERP gives you the most comprehensive and integrated suite of business application available today, with a single solution that unites all major areas of your business sales, finance, services, procurement, human resources and operations. With data from a single comprehensive integrated ERP system, applications and processes can be better aligned with business strategy. As a result, you’ll be able to meet strategic goals and improve business outcomes.

Connects the dots


It’s easy to get lost in data and miss the big picture. With PlumERP, you’ll gain greater insight into your entire business. Reports, dashboards and other analytical tools can provide you with new perspective on how you manage your business with real-time information you can act upon.

Works the way you do


We’ve spent over three decades learning about how companies operate and conduct their business.. PlumERP is designed to predict a user’s next action and provide access to the processes, tools and collaborative interactions needed to complete the next steps of common tasks. Advantages include improvements in efficiency, compliance, accuracy, data security and user experience.

Grows with you


It’s hard enough to figure out what your company needs right now, let alone what you’ll need in a few years. That’s why we’ve built PlumERP for growth, using an extensible architecture that scales up or down to meet business demand. You can extend your solution by introducing new capabilities as you need them.

Unifies your business


Think about how much time your people spend tracking down information, navigating disparate systems and struggling to communicate effectively across teams and departments. PlumERP breaks down these barriers with one consistent, accessible platform that acts as a single source of information.

Highly extensible


If you find some aspects of the functionality don’t quite work for you in the way you like, PlumERP is highly extensible, so you can customize it to your heart’s content. When it comes to extensibility, our philosophy has been simple - more configuration, less coding.

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“Finance and accounting module has made our multi activities of finance, research and development, grants management, students fee and scholarships simplified and effective.”

Deepak Maheswari, Team Leader,
Finance and Accounting Module, MNIT Jaipur

Ensuring Efficiency with Plum e-Governance

PlumERP has helped us in automating our everyday activities with much ease. The automation not just helped in simplifying daily tasks but also improved overall efficiency and productivity

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