Arvind Limited Selects Plumsoft’s HR Solution to Modernize Human Resources Operations
admin. December 6, 2016

Arvind Limited Selects Plumsoft’s HR Solution to Modernize Human Resources Operations

Hyderabad,  December 6, 2016 –  Plumsoft’s HR Solution, Offers Comprehensive and Integrated Cloud Platform to Manage Entire Life Cycle of Employees from Recruit-to-Retire

Arvind Limited, one of the leading apparel and textile organizations in India has chosen Plumsoft’s Worker HR solution to manage the entire life cycle of factory floor workers from Recruit to Retire. Solution will automate and streamline the process of recruitment, induction, training, employee self-service and employee separation.

“This global, personalized and collaborative information system will serve as a key lever in ensuring our agility and operational excellence,” said Krupasindhu Roul, IT Head, Arvind Limited. “The flexibility of the platform based solution and the ease with which we can customize and integrate it within our existing information systems are what drove us to choose Plumsoft’s HR Solution, as well as the commitment and dedication of the Plumsoft team itself. With Plumsoft HR Solution we look forward to holistic automation, and foresee a seamless functioning of all our HR functions.”

“Arvind realizes how important its employees are to its future and decided to modernize its digital workforce’s time more efficiently and accurately while at the same time providing new ways to attract and retain its talent, improve workforce performance, increase employee engagement, and impact bottom-line results Arvind,” said Jay Sappidi, Founde & CEO, Plumsoft.

About Plumsoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Plumsoft is a leading provider of comprehensive and fully integrated stack of cloud applications and platform services. It is headquartered in Hyderabad, India. Delivered in the cloud and leveraging a modern technology platform, Plumsoft offers a fresh alternative to traditional solutions.

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