5 Benefits of Cloud for Small and Medium Businesses
admin. May 13, 2015

5 Benefits of Cloud for Small and Medium Businesses

Benefits of Cloud are many, let’s explore the common five here

Cloud technology isn’t a naïve thing for businesses operating in today’s competitive market and most businesses today, understand that there are benefits of cloud that they can enjoy. While several businesses continue to explore the benefits that cloud can offer to their operations, cloud computing has slowly, yet steadily, taken over the world of business technology. Simply put, cloud technology is the use of internet to run business operations and thereby use the internet and not a computer hard drive to run, access and store all your data.

Unlike in the past, when small businesses or start-ups and even established firms had to struggle to keep their costs down, cloud technology has brought the information technology advantage to all businesses at surprisingly affordable rates. Along with the cost advantage, the various other benefits of cloud technology will empower small and large businesses alike. Listed below are the 5 ways cloud can empower your business.

The five common benefits of cloud

1. The Cloud keeps your business up-to-date on the technology front.
Using the cloud technology implies that you have moved your IT infrastructure online (on to the cloud). Considering this, you will no longer need an in-house IT specialist or use a third-party source for your technology upgrades. Most cloud computing service providers offer remote upgrades to your network (and, sometimes at no additional costs). This means, your business technology will always be adept with the recent developments and this will ensure that your organization is technologically up-to-date at any given time. Such benefits of cloud have given small businesses a big window of opportunity.

2. Your business becomes more flexible with the power of anywhere, any time access.
Moving your business to the cloud is particularly beneficial if you have operations spread across different locations or if you like to manage your business operations remotely. The fact that your business can be operated from anywhere is the best among the many benefits of cloud. As the cloud is nothing but a metaphor for internet, you can have authorized and secured access to all your critical business data from anywhere, and at any time using your computer, tablet or mobile. Not just you, even your employees can work from different locations and access shared data thereby maximizing their productivity and reducing duplication errors.

3. Your business data is secure and you get peace of mind.
Keeping critical business data safe and secure is a priority for all businesses. Businesses that have their own in-house IT infrastructure have to make large investment in systems for safeguarding their business and customer related data. While on the other hand, businesses that operate through the cloud have secured access to their data, which is stored on centralized data centres in a highly secured environment that provides protection against external cyber threats as well as ensures physical security of data through authorized access – all this, without having to make any investment. This is also one of the many benefits of cloud that make cloud computing a boon for small and medium businesses.
Systems failure or any other cyber disaster is no longer a concern as cloud service providers offer continuous data back-up service ensuring that none of the critical business data is ever lost.

4. The cloud offers business automation and ease of use.
The cloud computing service providers offer a high degree of business automation making it extremely convenient for business owners, even from non-technical backgrounds, to access their business data and operations without any hassle. Also, most applications that run on the cloud get updated automatically, reducing the need for a dedicated in-house IT staff.

5. Lastly, cost savings is the ultimate goal of cloud computing.
One of the most prominent and visible benefits of cloud computing is the reduction in investment and operational costs for the businesses’ IT needs. With the IT infrastructure housed on the cloud and no need for dedicated hardware and systems, small businesses can reap the benefits of large scale business operations at low costs. Another major advantage of use cloud technology with regard to cost reduction is the fact that business owners can choose to use the managed services of cloud computing service providers to the extent needed and pay accordingly. Most cloud service providers also provide technical support as and when required at affordable costs thereby eliminating the need for dedicated in-house IT staff, contributing to the business costs savings.

Get the cloud advantage!

The Cloud can be considered as a game changer, particularly for the small business enterprises that can compete with the large businesses. The cost, security and flexibility advantages that are offered as the basic benefits of cloud bring these small businesses on par with the large enterprises.

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